Sunday 6:00 PM

Sunday and the hour when darkness, catching up with the light, hesitates, then resolves, to claim its rightful place, is a lonely time.   This is when I get all wistful for the weekend that was, an enjoyable respite from the race of the workweek.  Yet, it’s also a great time to slow down and reflect on all the things, minor or otherwise, good or bad that happened and look forward to another start.  In that hour I find that a surrender to silence is called for, the immediate effect being that one becomes more sensitive to his or her environment.  While waiting for the 6 pm mass to start the symmetry and clean lines of the Church of the Gesu, a familiar sight, became sharper, more distinct against the softness of dusk.  Pulling out my iPhone I took pictures of the church and continued to do so inside.  I used the filters provided by 100 Cameras in 1, mixing and matching them to try to capture what I felt when the scene was laid before me.



Sede Vacante

mother and child